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Marie-Claire Berreen: ‘Box and a Ribbon’


With ‘Box and a Ribbon‘ the obviously talented vocalist Marie-Claire Berreen delivers an album with an eclectic style seemly pulling influence from a variety of sources.

You’ll have to forgive me for my ignorance of all things ‘folky’, I’m not sure if there is such a genre as ‘Cabaret-Folk’ though if there is the incredibly well written, touching and addictively ‘jaunty’ track ‘Scared to Drop’ would surely tick the required boxes.

From the wonderfully personal and relatable tale of finding courage and confidence that is ‘Mr Monster’ to the more upbeat yet equally as soulful ‘Halo’ ‘Box and a Ribbon‘ proves to be a success Marie, and all involved, should be immensely proud of.

‘Box and a Ribbon’ is available to download from

More information regarding Marie-Claire Berreen can be found on the website

Review by Sarah @PaddyandBoo contactable via twitter.


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